Telugu Girl, Priyanka dies in US

30 September 2016

In a tragic incident, Telugu student Priyanka Gogineni, aged 24, drowned in a lake in Lacey city of Thurston county, Seattle, Washington state in US on Thursday.

Priyanka Gogineni is from Kavali in Andhra Pradesh. As per the reports, Priyanka went for her usual walk and then to the Hicks Lake to pluck a lotus flower. She slipped and fell into the lake.

Her friends who went with her immediately called police. Police later fished her out of the lake. She was declared brought dead by the hospital. Priyanka Gogineni has recently joined as a civil engineer. She did her masters in Saint Martin’s University in Lacey, Washington.

The Lacey city police, who took the statements of eye witnesses, confirmed that Priyanka had slipped accidentally, and there were no suspicious circumstances to her death.

It is being informed that her parents Venkatarao and Satyavathi are poor and don’t have passports to travel to US. The North America Telugu Society (NATS) is making arrangements to send Priyanka Gogineni’s body to India. NATS has set up a donation page where donors can contribute to the charges of shifting her body back to India and also requested that people reach out to their friends and raise funds for it. Any excessive funds remaining after paying off the funeral home will be donated to Priyanka’s family.

One can donate through the link below

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