Are you looking for a Telugu Roommate in India/US

4 November 2017

Are you looking for Telugu roommate in the US or INDIA ? Want to share your room with a Telugu roommate? Are you searching for a Telugu home to join as a paying guest? 


Visit is an online web interface designed to bring Telugu People together in the US and INDIA, where one can search for Telugu Roommates. You can post your place else you can post your need for a Telugu roommate.


This website is designed to connect the providers and seekers of Telugu “Rooms” in the US. If you have a room to provide, you can either search for a Telugu roommate or you can publish your place in order to have a Telugaite contact you. (OR) If you are looking for a Telugu room, you can either search for it or publish yourself at to get contacted by a “Telugaite”


Yet your visit to this website does not end there. You can touch upon the trending news, taste the Telugu film dishes, Political News from Telugu States, bag knowledge from the informative articles and get inspired by the devotional topics. invites you to a rewarding and refreshing ride

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