Many Indians living illegally in US !

23 January 2016

We have many Indian students being deported or sent back from airport itself with strict immigration laws. However, a report from America’s The Department of Homeland Security revealed that many Indians who visited US on temporary visa’s like tourists and for business purpose haven’t returned back to India even after the completion of the visa period

It was revealed that one out of every ten Indians who obtained American visa weren’t’ returning to their homeland. In 2015, US had issued B1 & B2 Visas to around 8.8 lakh Indians. Out of them, Nearly 14,000 people haven't come back to India till date

In 2014, About 11, 653 out 7.6 lakhs Indians haven't returned to their homeland on time.

Whereas, About 98.83 Indians who obtained B1 & B2 visas were following the American Immigration rules without fail.

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