Anti- Liquor Activist, Dubagunta Rosamma passes away

8 August 2016

One of the remote villages of Nellore district, Dubagunta has suddenly drown into the sadness on as the 93-year-old Vardhaneni Rosamma passed away on Sunday due to her old age and ill health. She was more famous as Dubagunta Rosamma. Considerable number of readers of this article may not have had a familiarity with her name but she was one of the most influential persons in the State if non-bifurcated Andhra Pradesh state in the in regards to the liquor ban made by the state Government during mid-1990s. 

When Rosamma initiated and led the anti-liquor movement, Dubagunta has become the epi-center of this activity. Until that time, the state Government had done a very little activity towards minimizing the liquor consumption but just because of her, Government had come to know the real pulse of the common people and had to implement the liquor ban across the length and breadth of the Andhra Pradesh state. Rosamma stood out as the best example of how a committed woman can confront the mighty money and political power and win over the evil forces. It was one of most miraculous things could never happen, a common women withstanding massive liquor lobbying and evil business and political forces.

Rosamma led the anti-liquor movement that led to the fall of the Congress government in 90’s and forced the successive Telugu Desam Party Government to clamp the liquor prohibition in the AP state.

Rosamma first bigan her movement by opposing a local liquor contractor and his men from unloading liquor from her village back in 1991. Soon, this incident grabbed the attention of everyone, a huge band of women formed as a network and the movement had very soon spread to the other parts of the state. The main reason of the success of this movement was, women took it very seriously to reform their alcoholic husbands and their families.

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