Shocking video : Speeding Mercedes kills a Delhi marketing head

7 April 2016

When a rich businessman father's bratty son did a Salman Khan on the streets of a posh locality in Delhi on Monday (April 4) night, a family lost their only son - 32-year-old Sidharth Sharma - who was flung 15 feet into the air and, quite literally, fell to his death. He was rushed to a nearby hospital, but breathed his last there, succumbing to the injuries. Sidharth, marketing head of a multinational enterprise, had just bought a takeaway from a noddle stand and was heading home for a good night's sleep when the negligent 17-year-old's Mercedes put an end to the dreams and aspirations of a family.

Seeking justice, the family of 32-year-old Siddharth Sharma who was killed by a speeding Mercedes while crossing the main road near Ludlow Castle School, in North Delhi’s posh Civil Lines a on Monday, has released the footage of the incident.

Sharma, was crossing the road, when a speeding Mercedes hit him and flung him several feet into the air. The car - which came at a speed of around 100 km an hour - was allegedly driven by a 17-year-old schoolboy. The boy, who is just a week away from turning 18, got bail on Wednesday.

Police said that under the MV Act, the teenager’s father, if proven guilty, will spend three months in prison and pay a fine of Rs 1,000.Siddharth’s father has accused the police of going slow and taking action more than 24 hours after his son was killed.On Monday night, Sharma was on way to his sister’s house in Civil Lines when the Mercedes hit him.

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