Deadly heatwave hits Telangana

12 April 2016

The Meteorological Centre in Hyderabad has passed a warning to the people about an upcoming heat wave in the next 48 hours which is likely to be hit the Telangana state. This heat wave will be of a high-magnitude and which is going to cover almost all the parts of Telangana state. As per the weather center, the maximum temperatures could meet mid-forties.

If we look at the temperatures since 24 hours based upon the mercury levels, it is recorded 42 degrees centigrade in Adilabad, Karimnagar, Medak, Khammam and Mehaboobnagar, 44 was recorded in Nalgonda and the same in Ramagundam. There are already more than 100 people died in Telangana and AP this summer due to the overwhelming heat. This year, temperatures are recorded couple of degrees centigrade than usual in one or two paces in the AP coastal belt but recorded high in most of places of Rayalaseema.

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