Lord Venkatateswara’s tallest idol in Tirupati

24 July 2016

Lord Sri Venkateswara’s tallest idol in the country which is of 24 feet is getting ready since four months in Tirupati. This idol is identified as Sankarsana Venkateswara It is to be brought to the devotees in the second week of August at Brundavan in Uttar Pradesh, one of the most famous Stapati’s in Indi. Penchal Prasad is molding the Lord’s idol. Lord idol is currently providing livelihood to several artisans involved in finishing this meticulous task. The stone which is used to make this idol is brought from Tamil Nadu. A big team has been working 24 by 7 to complete this task from the past four months. And also the idols of Lord Hanuman, Garuthmanthudu and Narayanamurthy installed near the Alipiri tollgate have been made in the same area of Mangalam. The same team of Stapatis here have given shape to the other idols of Lord Srirama and Venkateswara, Goddess Lakshmi Devi, besides other idols and arches earlier

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